Hanna Blawat

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Hanna Blawat

Hanna Blawat

(Born 1938 - Gabin(Gombin), Poland)

Maler-David, and Fryment-Leah Blawat gave birth to a young girl, named Hanna. It was difficult for Hanna because she moved from Poland to France. Mr. Blawat thought that this would be a better place for the family, however Hanna and her mother were trapped due to the Germans invasion. Hanna's family was forced to move in an attic and live there. Soon after that, they were forced to move in the ghetto. May 12,1942, was the day that the Blawat’s were sent to the Chelmno death camp. Unfortuanly, four-year-old Hanna, her mother, and grandparents were eventually murdered before arrival. Hanna's father tried to trace Hanna and her mother yet nothing was found.


Hanna Blawat and her family were very wealthy, middle-class Jews that moved from Poland to France.The Blawats went through a rough time during the Holocaust, and were trapped by the Germans. The family soon had to move into the ghetto. As hard as that was, the family was forced to go to a death camp shortly after. Four year old- Hanna was murdered and so was her grandparetns and mother. Hanna's father went searching to trace back the tracks, yet nothing was found.

-They are both going through a rough time. -They both went into hiding. -Anne and Hanna both had parents yet, some died. -Both the youngest one in the family.


-Hanna was 4 when she got murdered and died.-Anne Frank is way older then Hanna .-Hanna was sent to the Chelmno death camp. -Anne is with the Van Daans and Hanna was just with her family.-Annes family had help from Miep in order to get clothes, foods, furniture, and etc.


Hanna's Story

This picture from the Museum of Tolerance really explains a lot about how different people we treated back then. Whenever the Jews went to different places, they needed to wear a special yellow-star badges on their clothing to symbolize that they were Jewish. This makes me very sad to see how the world was back then and how different people were punished for their: customs, race, beliefs, and etc.

The Holocaust and the Twin Tower Terroist attack affected many lives. During these rough times, families were struggling to stay alive. During the Holocaust, families tried their best to keep calm with their family. Also, these events are both against the Americans and other religions that the Jews dikdn't like. Unfortuanly, some families lost members who didnt even get to say their last goodbyes. Many lives were taken from both these events, and I hope that we learn from the history to live more peacefully as a community!

What Happend to the Family?

Similarties and differencesbetween Anne Frank and Hanna Blawat.

By: Lea Morris


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