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Social Studies
Ancient History

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During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the city Hangzhou emerged, which populated millions of people, allowed a diverse culture, and set aside the upper class from the lower class.

SPICE:The "Cultural" SPICE themes most definitely represents the vocabulary, Hangzhou. Through various elements, such as "'finest and noblest city of the world'" (Marco Polo) and "...advertising their unique offerings...", the text demonstrate how the Chinese formulated a distinct culture and attracted many foreigners. This resulted into many people becoming aware of their cultures. Nonetheless, "cultural" is the best SPICE theme for this section.

Summary:Hangzhou served as a major cultural center, where the city housed many Song Dynasty citizens. The city involved restaurants, markets, luxurious inns, schools for musicians, and special events for the upper class. Through being supplied with internal waterways, it helped the city grow. All in all, this prosperous center became recognized and well-rated by many, visiting individuals.

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