Hand sanitizer overuse

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Hand sanitizer overuse

Hand sanitizer overuse



Stop using hand sanitizer and wash with soap and water.

1.Many hand sanitizers, it has been rightly pointed out to us by the makers of Purell, are alcohol based and have not been named as a cause of bacterial resistance; those of documented concern are the ones that contain triclosan or triclocarbon.2. When you expose bacteria to triclosan, it can elicit antibiotic resistance, Once the resistance is transferred, bacteria can become resistant to many types of antibiotics. Quaternary ammonium, another antibacterial found in nonalcoholic hand sanitizers, has also been shown to elicit antibiotic resistance.


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1.Muscle weakness/impaired mitochondrial function.2.Excitotoxins that cause death of brain cells. (Studies of triclosan at U.C. found that it attaches itself to the receptor molecules on the surface of brain cells and causes the calcium levels inside the cell to rise, so that the cells become overexcited, resulting in cellular death.)3.Allergies and altered brain function. 4.Dangerous hormonal changes. (Both triclosan and triclocarban have been shown to be endocrine disruptors.Endocrine disruptors have been correlated to childhood obesity, type II diabetes and a host of other chronic health problems. Triclocarban has been found to have a new type of hormone altering action. It reacts with and enhances the effects of testosterone and estrogen already being produced in the body.)5.Bacterial resistance. (Use of antibacterial washes can lead to development of resistant bacteria. They kill off friendly bugs that protect us from infection.)





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