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Hana glog

RumpThe true story of Rumpilstilskin

Liesl Shurtliff was born in Salt Lake city, Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University.

The main setting of this book is when Rump is on his journy to the castle.Sleeping on his donkey, Nothing is makeing Rump ake with pain. The leaves rustling in the wind is makeing the magical woods peaceful.When day comes the rocks on the dirt road glisten. Just over the hills you see it.The Palace.

My favorite scene from Rump is when he finds the trolls.Rump is not panicking and he told the trolls to eat him.The trolls would have eaten him, but Rump reeked of magic.

SummaryIn Rump by Liesl Shurtliff a boy named Rump gets tossed and teased of his name.He has a full name, but no one knows it because his mother died before she could say it.Now he goes on a journey to find what is called a stilskin.He has to counqor things like trolls, greedy kings, and most of all.....MAGIC!

Glog by Hana Kovacevic

Rump is the only book Liesl has written.

Leisl Shurtliff

My favorite poem in Rump is:Wool is dullWool is oldNo dull wool can shine like goldI love it because it rhymes and goes fluently.

RumpRump is small and scrawney because he lets poeple bully him.He is teased of his name.Until he finds his stilskin.

RedRed is a tough girl because she's not afraid of anything.She will stand up for herself and others.She is the granddaughter in Little Red Rideinghood.



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