Han dynasty

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Han dynasty

Han Dynasty

Main IdeaThe Han Dynasty lasted for 400 years. There emperior was Liu Pung who later changed his name to Gao Zu. He based his goverment on confusisum.That brought education to a very high ranking. There was a thing called Grand School that is were all the best students go. They also had one of the best inventions it was silk that allowed them to right on it.

Hey I am Gao Zu

AchieyementsDictionary- A book that contains all the worlds words and the meaning of them.Silk- A nice light but durable fabric that was traded with other countries.Seismograph- A scentific instrument that can detect earthquakes.

WordsGrand School-A school begun by Confucian scholars in China that trained students for goverment jobbs. Confucianism- A system of beliefs and behavior based on the teachings of ConfuciusSeismograph- A scientific instrument that could detect earthquakes hundreds of miles away

Important PeopleGao Zui- Founder of the Han dynasty of ChinaWudi- He was and emperor who ruled China from 140 B.C to 87 B.C he set the sytems of schools.Wang Mang- Usurper who took over China's throne founding hi sown dynasty from A.D 9-25


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