[2014] RaindropHeather234: Han Dynasty

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[2014] RaindropHeather234: Han Dynasty

"I'd Rather betray the world, than let the world betray me" -Cao Cao

Han Dynasty

Liu Band206-195 B.C.

The Han dynasty ended under his reig. Cao Pi forced Emperor Xian to surrender in 220 AD.

Revolted against the rule of the Qin. After his four year war, he made the wester Han in 202 B.C. and ruled for 12 years

Xiandi189-220 A.D.

Guang Wudi25-57 AD

Wang Mang9-23 AD

Wu Di29-87 BC

In 8 AD, he became emporeror of Western Han dynasty and changed the name to 'Xin.' Soon overthrown by a peasent revolt.

Wu Di ruled when the Han Dynasty was at its peak. Great military expansion was made from vietnam and korea. Silk road was established.

Rebeled against Xin, and defeated his army. He re-established Han Dyansty making Luoyang its capital.


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