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Hampton University

Hampton University

-The campus is about 314 acres.-There are 118 buildings on the campus.-Over 4,000 students are currently enrolled at Hampton University.-The University's nickname/ mascot is the pirate.-A little over 90% of the school's population is African American.

-Only 34% of the population are men.-There are a total of 89 programs offered.-The most conferred degree at Hampton University as of May 2015 is the Bachelor degree.-The current tuition per year is only about $23,000.-Hampton University's school colors are reflex blue and white.


In 1868, Chapman Armstrong, the son of a prominent missionary family, founded Hampton University. During the civil war, he was very active in leading an African American military unit and gained the title of a Brevet General. Armstrong worked closely with the Freedmens's Bureau and helped speak out against slavery. By doing this, he understood the needs of African Americans and created Hampton University to satisfy these needs. Today, Hampton is still going strong and is very succesful.

10 Facts:


Famous Graduates:

Booker T. Washington, Alberta Williams King, and Wanda Sykes are just a few of many well-known public figures that have graduated from this university.


Location and date founded:Hampton, Virginia on April 1st, 1868

The mission of Hampton University is to generate objective ideas, strategies and statistical data for current public policy issues, address concerns of the American people and analyze appropriate methods to foster solutions, and to promote and inform effective responses and alternatives to important political, administrative and social problems that affect the quality of life in Virginia, the United States, and the world. Hampton University offers all four degree programs (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral), and also certificate programs such as off campus and online benefits.


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