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* King Hammurabi was an important Babylonian king known best for an early law code, that we refer to by his name. He united Mesopotamia and turned Babylonia into an important power.* Hammurabi was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty -- about 4000 years ago. *In the 30th year of his rule, Hammurabi removed his country from vassalage to Elam by taking a military war against its king and he then win the land west of Elam, Iamuthala, and Larsa.


* 1894 to 1595 B.C -the Babylonian dynasty* In 1792-1750 - he became sixth king of Amorite.*1763B.C- he start fighting back aginst rim-sin *1760- he able to move population and he rebuild a canal

*king Hammurabi's accomplishments was making the code of law and he brought justice to the people of his land.*Hammurabi improved the irrigation systems and he approved the royal judges.*He also reorganized the tax system*Hammurabi’s empire went into decline after his death in 1750 B.C.

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* King Hammurabi was a important king that know as a best for an early law code.


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Hammurabi by shirjana



Turning Points in History - Hammurabi's Code of Laws


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