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HAMLETHe is the Prince of Denmark who returns and is called to get revenge of his father's death. He is depresed, angry and confused by the situation. He is dark and suicidal too. Also, he is enigmatic and has a mistery around him. He distrusts women and acts as a madman. Being a thinker, he observes everything and accept he must deal with life.

In Denmark, the king has died and his son, Prince Hamlet, is brought from his school in Germany to attend his father's funeral.To his surprised, her mother had his uncle, Claudius, who also inherited the throne. He soon discovered his father was murdered.


HAMLET by William Shakespeare


Hamlet feels he must seek revenge for his father's murder against Claudius, his uncle. However, he struggles with making the right decisions and the authenticity of the ghost.


CLAUDIUS He is the new King of Denmarck who murdered his brother, usurpated the throne and married the queen by sneaking and lying. He a villain and the antagonist who only worries about maintaining his own power. He is a corrupted politician who manipulate others with words.

Hamlet faced a fencing match with Laertes who blames him for his sister's and father's deaths. In the fighting, Laertes dies from the poison of his own sword and injured Hamlet. Hamlet stabs Claudius and make him to drink from the poisoned cup that had just killed his mother too. He then dies after entrusting Horatio with telling the untold events, clearing his name, and endorsing Fortinbras as the next King of Denmark.

HAMLET & CLAUDIOCharacter Analysis



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