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Character decided the fate


How they decided the FATE?

1. acuity and sensitive2. Indecisive3. introvert and suspicious

He was an introvert and suspicious person, if he believed his friends, like Horatio, maybe he could have another ending. If he told his friend his plan, they can had a better plan, that meaned they could have a better ending.

He was a thinker, idea originator but not a "acter". The indecision can go round our mind in circles, creating a downward spiral of indecision. Hamlet had some great chance to kill king, but he had many things to consider, he missed his best time again and again. And he also missed his chance which can change his fate.


Hamlet' s father was King of Denmark and Hamlet was his only son. After he knew all the truths, his fate has turned. In our world, even if many people believe destiny, they also want to change it, they want to move mountain and earth to change destiny, whatever result it may be. Did Hamlet try it? Why he still failed?

acuity and sensitive

when he knew his mother remarried with his uncle, he felt disappointment, he thought his mother not a holy people, even he did not believe women, he told his lover Ophilia that she needed go to the nunnery. For Ophilia, her lover change his heart, that was a damaging blow, that slao was a mainly reson her became crazy, and her became crazy was a important point for this tragedy.

Acuity & Sensitive


When fate can change, you choose to give up or bravely challenges? Hamlet could not change his characters, but in the final point, he became brave and decided to "to be", that was precious!


What characters decided his fate?


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