Hamlet Missing Piece 4

by haleyweston
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Hamlet Missing Piece 4

Dear Journal,Who are these sad and corrupted men who write in my journal of both self-slaughter and slaughter of good men like the king? The king “hath importun'd me with love In honourable fashion.” He has made me happy, “Happy in that [I am] not over-happy, On Fortune’s cap [I am] not the very button.” So I say “Long live the King!” I shall forget the vengeful words of these sad men! ‘Tis not appropriate to spend the ticks of the clock fearing vengeful men or brooding over the death of my father, especially when his brother, my dear uncle, is like that of “Hercules.”“[I] see yonder a cloud that's almost in shape of a camel! Methinks it is like a weasel.”Until next time,Hamlet

Journal Entry

#3 (Forgiving/Oblivious Hamlet)



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