[2015] Sami Barr: Hamlet

by Worster1
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[2015] Sami Barr: Hamlet

Hamlet- David Tennant

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The Leading Roles

David Tennant- Hamlet Patrick Stewart- Claudius/ GhostPenny Downie- GertrudeOliver Ford Davies- PoloniusMariah Gale- Ophelia Edward Bennett- LaertesPeter De Jersey- Horatio

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Movie Critique

Overall we appreciated the entire cast but the two actors that had the biggest impression were David Tennant, who played Hamlet and Mariah Gale, who played the role of Ophelia. We each felt that these two portrayed their emotions the best. When they needed to cry, they cried. When they needed to act crazy, they did. They did so in a way that caught the audience’s attention immediately. As a person watching you could not take your eyes off of them. Actors that needed some altering was Patrick Stewart as Claudius. He did not portray someone who was evil or scheming and he hardly changed his expression throughout the entire movie. However, we did think that the director made quite an interesting choice in having Stewart portray Claudius and the Ghost of Hamlet. It's always fascinating to watch a person play different characters, and while he might not have been the best choice to portray Claudius, he did do a good job of playing and showing a distinct differenct between two characters who are completely different from one another. We also agreed that the cinematography could have been improved. A variety of the angles that the movie was shot at were awkward or not enough. Although many shots were aesthetically displeasing, we all liked the modern twist the director used, like showing Hamlet and his recorder. We each found the movie more interesting because of the emotional changes that come with a movie. Where as in the play, each student stood up with the same emotions every day.

The director was Gregory Doran and the movie was produced in 2009.



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