[2012] Julia Delgado: Hamlet

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[2012] Julia Delgado: Hamlet

HAMLETDirector: Franco ZeffirelliYear made: 1990

Mel Gibson: Hamlet

Glenn Close: Gertrude

Alan Bates: Cladius

Paul Scofield: The Ghost

Ian Holm: Polonius

Helena Bonham Carter: Ophelia

Stephan Dillane: Horatio

Nathaniel Parker: Laertes

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Michael Maloney and Sean Murray

Hamlet's Soliloquies

Favorite Scene

Movie ReviewIn this adaptation of Hamlet, the play is well potrayed. While there are some things that are left out, the majority of important things are still included. Many of the implied occurances in the play actually happen in the movie. This allows the audience to have a better understanding of the plot. It is very entertaining to see the play come to life. Overall, watching this movie was an enjoyable experience.


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