Hamilton and the Federalists

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Hamilton and the Federalists

~Hamilton's leaders and friends were John Adams, John Jay, and George Washinton. ~Hamilton was a delegate in the Congress who propsed many strong views of government. ~He believed that the federal government should have implied powers. ~He used the idea of implied powers to justify a national bank. ~He believed that a national bank would clearly help the governmemt perform the responisbilities of Congress being able to issue money and regulate trade. ~Hamilton tried to improve the government's financial reputaion and strengthen the nation at the same time.


~1789- Hamilton was appointed secretaryof the treasurary and became part of the cabinet~July 16, 1790- Washinton DC became the capitol of America.~ 1791- The Bill of Rights were added to the Constitution~Supported a tax on whiskey that led to a rebellion in western PA

~Believed that federal payment of state debts would give the a strong interest in the success of a nastional government.~Believed that agricultural America would benefit from more manufacturing.~Hamilton propsed a tariff or a tax on imports to protect new American industries from foreign competition.~Believed that only honest, educated men of property should hold public office~Had a loose interpretation of the Constitution~Ruled by wealthy class~Emphasis on manufacturing~Support for Britian

Lasting Impact

Hamiltom proposed a national bank to help Congress issue money and regulate trade.


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Hamilton and the Federalists

Alexander Hamilton



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