Hamilton and Federalist

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Hamilton and Federalist

Hamilton made a plan of government to replace the Articles of Confederation. Though it failed, he fiercely supported the Constitution. Washingston usually supported Hamilton's positions since Hamilton was appointed Secretary of the Treasury. George Washington, John Adams, and John Jay were usually on his political side. He proposed a tariff - a tax on imports to protect America from foreign competition. Hamilton proposed that the government should pay off the millions of dollars in debt owed by the government to other nations.

Beliefs and Implied Views

Hamilton's political party, the Federalists, mostly admired Britain because of its stability. They supported a strong federal government to keep control, rather than the Republicans who wanted a limited government. The Federalists in general appealed to industry mostly in the northern states, while Republicans appealed to agriculture, mostly in the southern states.

Federalists agreed that if the Constitution did not specify what they can or cannot do, they thought it was alright, since they believed it was implied. The Republicans had a strict interpretation of the Constitution and did not agree. Hamilton believed a national bank would help the government perform responsibilites, but the Republicans said doing so was unconstitutional.

The People's Roles

Federalists didn't support letting the public become to involved in political affairs, because they believed too much liberty was dangerous. Hamilton even said, "The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right." The Republicans thought the opposite, that democracy and liberty would be safe if ordinary people participated fully in government.

Hamilton and the Federalists

Alexander Hamilton

The Federalists

6 Timeline Events

-Hamilton proposed his plan of paying off debts-A national bank was created -Hamilton placed a tariff on imports-The 2 political parties formed-Washington D.C. became the capital-Washington stepped down and John Adams became president

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