Haloween Party - XI A - 31.10.2012

by loryrous
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Haloween Party - XI A - 31.10.2012

What is a vampire’s favourite ice-cream?


What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?

you look boo-tiful tonight

What does a vampire fear the most?

tooth decay

Where did a vampire open his savings account?

at a blood bank

What do skeletons say before dining?


When is it a bad luck to meet a black cat?

when you are a mouse

Why do witches fly on broomsticks?

because vacuum cleaners are too heavy

How many vampires does it take to change a light bulb?

Where do ghosts prefer to go for a swim?

none, they like the dark

The Dead Sea

What do skeletons have nightmares of?



  • loryrous 6 years ago

    loryrous's avatar

    At least I finished it! Please enjoy it! Boo-Hoo-Hoo...

  • andruta 6 years ago

    andruta's avatar

    it'a amazing glog! it was a awsome day:*

  • Raymondd 6 years ago

    Raymondd's avatar

    I like it.Nice glog.Is the writing upside-down?

  • CiobanuStefan 6 years ago

    CiobanuStefan's avatar

    very nice glog...the Halloween Day was special!!

  • emanuela 6 years ago

    emanuela's avatar

    marvelous glog

  • Razor95 6 years ago

    Razor95's avatar

    very nice glog,i like it:a good class with a good teacher

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