Halloween safety tips

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Halloween safety tips

Don't wear any masks that can pervent you for breathing.Make sure there are at least one hole for the mouth or the nose with you can breath. If there are no holes on the mask for the nose or mouth use face paint instead.

Avoid trick-or- treating alone.Trick-or-treat with a trusted adult.If you are not with a trusted adult then you should stick to familiar areas,and trick-or-treat in groups.Someone could try to kidnap you.Or even more badder things could happen.

You should use a map to now where you want to go.Using a map could avoid form you getting lost at night.Map out your routes you want to go to.Stay on streets you and your family are familiar to,so that you will not get lose.

Halloween Safety Tips

Do not eat opened candy ever.The person could have poisoned the candy. The peice of candy could have been at their home and it could have stuff like drugs or other things in it that you are not suppose to eat.

Some kids like to have weapons with their costumes to make it look better.If they do have a weapon with their costume make sure that the weapon is foam,rubber,or plastic,so that the weapon will no hurt anyone.



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