Halloween by Jelisaveta Maksimovic

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Halloween by Jelisaveta Maksimovic


FoodThe specialty is a candy apple.It is actually an apple with sugar.People like it and it tastes really good.

Trick or TreatingChildren put on their costumes and go from house to house.They ask for candies and if people don't give themthey make jokes on them.

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October

The symbols of Halloween are: black cats,pumpkins,witches,trick ortreating,costumes...

PumpkinsPeople usually decorate their home with pumpkins.They carve them and they put candles in them.

And this is how we celebrate Halloween in Lingva...

Children make paper witches,bats and the older kids make spooky cards and email them to their friends.

Happy Halloween! Be scared!:)


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