Half a Chance

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Half a Chance

Half a ChanceBy: Cynthia Lord




Point of View


The genre of Half a Chance is realistic fiction. I know this because, things happen in this book that couls really happen in real life but they didn't really happen in real life.

The point of view of my book is first person. I know this because, it refers to things such as, "An eagle killed one of our loon babies, I texted Nate when I got back home so he'd know the truth," and "We were shooting at the same sky, but I could tell, his pictures were way better,"

The setting of my book is in a couple different places, because thier family is alway moving. The beggining of my story takes place in Lucys new house, New Hampshire. Her dad says that her house is very antique and could be worth a lot of money. Lucy doesn't like moving all the time, because they are allways having to pack things up and spending so much money.

The theme of my book is everything works out in the end. I know this because the text clearly states, "Whenever we move, I take pictures as soon as we arrive. It always makes me feel a little braver, knowing on some future day I can look back at that photo, taken when it was new and scary, and think, I MADE IT!"

NateNate is an important character because he is the first person that Lucy meets. He is very kind, un-selfish, and accepts everyone. In the very beginning of the book, right when they meet, he asks if she wants to come over, and she say she can't because she has to unpack boxes. Nate doesn't go to the same school Lucy will because he just comes every year in the summer. I have a feeling that lucy thinks he is cute, or likes him. Lucy was disapointed when she told Nate she couldn't because she thought 'maybe if i did, i might actully have a friend' Some text evidence to prove Nates character traits are, "It all came back, New Hampshire, our tired-looking house, the lake, Nate who seemed friendly and Megan who didn't," and "Nate, he kind, caring, and helpfull one, helped me unpack boxes,"

LucyLucy is the main character, she is very kind loving and very outgoing. She really enjoys spending time with her family and helping out atanywhere she can. They move at the begining of the story and she is not very excited about that, but she certainly doesn't show it. Lucy is definately not the kind of person who wants to show her emotions when she has mixed ones. She is very kind and is not self centered, at all. Some text evidence to prove that Lucy doesn't show her emotions and always has a postive attitude is "One some future day I know I can look back at this picture, when it was new and scary, and think, I made it." and "When dads on a trip, I not only get to see less of him, but less of mom too." Lucy is definately the most important character of this book.

Vocabulary/Figurative Language


"As he started down the trail, I took one more photo, trying o capture the dizzying drop-off, the heart-bursting vastness of it all," Dizzying is a agective. I know this because right before it is talking about caputring the oevrall goodness. And I am inferring that the word dizzying means something like making someone dizzy

Lucy always has a positive attitude, even when they're in the middle of a move. Lucy and her family move ALL THE TIME. It started to annoy her about the 4th time. They move to New Hampshire in the very beginning of the bookand she is really worried about not being able to find any friends at her new school. That day, she was walking down to the beach with her dog to take a picture of the beautiful beach with the sunset behind it. She saw this guy walking along the beach with his sister and she walked over there. She introduced herself and talked to him for a little while and then he asked if she wanted to go to his house woth him and hang out there for a while. She said she would, but she had to unpack boxes, she was really upset that she told him no, because hs ereally wanted to. She was afraid her Parents would get mad. Later on in the book she goes kayaking woth Nate. In the end of the book Nate and Lucy become really good friends and begin to hang out a lot. She was very upset because he had to leave and go beack to Texas for school. The point int eh title of my book is that Lucy has Half A Chance getting to be woth Nate for the rest of her life.


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