[2015] chromebook cb27 (6th grade ELA): Half A Chance By Cynthia Lord

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[2015] chromebook cb27 (6th grade ELA): Half A Chance By Cynthia Lord

Half a Chanceby:Cynthia Lord



Facts about photography1.There are 250 million photo’s uploaded to facebook daily.2.Instagram has around 40 million uploads a day.3.The first photography took hours to develop.4.Sometimes their picture were took after they died so they stay still.5.Back in the old days they could only take one picture.

Facts about Alzheimer’s1.Nearly half of adults aged 85 and over have Alzheimer’s disease.More women than men have Alzheimer’s disease.2.Out of approximately 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s,more than half may not know they have it.3.Early-onset Alzheimer’s can develop in people as young as the age of 30.4.In America, a new case of Alzheimer’s develops every 68 seconds;by 2050, the incidence will increase to every 33 seconds.5.Alzheimer’s is the 6th-leading cause of death in the U.S, and the 5th-leading cause of death in adults aged 65 and over.6.Over 15 americans are unpaid caregivers for someone with 7.Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.8.An estimated 800,000 americans with .Alzheimer’s are living alone.9.In 2012, the average annual cost of health care and LTC services for someone with Alzheimer’s was $43,847.10.Alzheimer’s caregivers have an increased likelihood of physical strain,mental and emotional stress, depression,financial problems, and familial/interpersonal issues.

Facts about Loons1.Aquatic birds found in many parts of North American and northern Eurasia.2.The loon does not have hollow bones like most birds. The solid bones help the loon weigh more and reduce buoyancy, making it easier to dive into the water.3.They can go deeper than many ducks and geese.4.Loons spend most of their life underwater.5.Loons legs are located at the back instead of underneath.6.Their red eye helps them to see while they are underwater.7.Loons are one of the older species of birds.8.They are found prey by sight.9.Loons are great swimmers.10.Their feet help them go under the water up to 200ft.


Summary This girl named Lucy, moved in down the street from Nate.Nate helped her with a photograph contest and if they won they would get a bost for Grandma Lilah to see the loons on the lake.They became bestfriends and she became friends with the family.She got really close to Grandma Lilah and she ended up having Alzheimer’s.They would always watch out for loons.At the end of the summer Nate and his family left for their real home.Her dad started to be nicer to her about her photos.


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