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Haley Castle

I dont tend to freak about over issues. Instead I am relaxed and tolerant in manner. This makes me easy-going, or mellow. Having this quality is good because it's a less stressful lifestyle, and I think mellow people are more approachable.

Haley CastleThe best friend to have

1. Compassionate

I would consider myself a compassionate person because I always show sympathy and concern for others. I think this is a good quality becuase making other people feel like they matter is a really good thing.

3. Easy-Going

2. Trustworthy

4. Patient

Usually I am able to tolerate delays without becoming angry or anxious. This is good because I don't get frustrated with people very much.

I never give up in anything I do, and always try my hardest. This is a great quality because I know I will succeed in any situation or event.

5. Determined

I take pride in being honest, and my friends can always confide to me. This is a good quality because knowing you're honest prevents that ugly guilty feeling.

I'm a good friend!!


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