Hakan's, Choctaw Tribe

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Hakan's, Choctaw Tribe

The roles of men are hunters,women were farmers and also did most child care and cooking and also childerns play with others and help aruond the house.

Hakan's,Choctaw Tribe

My tribe are original people of american southeast,particulary Mississippe,Alabama,Lousiana and Florida.

Some of my tribes ritual are that we believe that they,along with other tribes emerged from earth through mound called nanih waiya in Mississippi.The important religious ceremony was the green corn festival.

My Tribe (Choctaw) has there own government,law,police, and services.

My people in my tribe men wear breechoothes,women wore wrapearound skirt made out of deerskin or woven fiber.

When me and tribe were forced to move the effects was that my tribe neededto walk the whole way and we walk through rain and cold and incredible heat finally more than 400 people died on the journey.President andrew jackson ignored the supreme court ruling.He directed the U.S army to capture all the tribe they force them to move and the supreme court did nothing about it.

Other challenges that my tribe faced was the journey usually more than one thousand miles and lasted several week also the shortage of wagons,horses,food and other supplies made yhe trip more harder for my tribe.


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