Haitian Revolution

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Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution occurred April of 1791 to November of 1803. The free Mulattos and Haitian slaves revoltedto get equality. They were treated poorly and had little choice in decisions. The Haitian slaves were considered property of the public. And the free Mulattos were below the Whites.They revolted after witnessing the revolution in France.


Haitian Revolution begins led by Toussaint.

Toussaint L'Ouverture was the son of an educated slave, and in a sudden slave revolt (August of 1791), Collecting an army of his own, L'Ouverture trained his followers in the tactics of guerrilla warfare, and by 1795, he was widely renowned for ending slavery on the island. Toussaint made history by leading the first and only victorious slave revolt in history.

This is a picture of the British invading the Haitian island.

The main characters of the Haitian Revolution were the following: *Toussaint Louverture -Leader*Jean-Jacques Dessalines- Leader*Henri Christophe-Leader/Slave*Alexandre Pétion-Leader/Rival of Henri Christophe*François Capois-Rebel Slave/Officer of the revolution *Napoleon Bonaparte- Ruler of French *Charles Leclerc- French Army General/ Brother-in-Law of Napoleon *Vicomte de Rochambeau- Appointed General of Saint-Dominge/ French soldier


British invade Santa Domingo to prevent slave revolts.


Toussaint became the leader of the French army after he proved to be a great general and soon became governor of the colony.



In 1802 Napoleon created an expedition of French soldiers to the island of Haiti,which was lead by brother-in-law Charles Leclerc, to reestablish French authority and slavery. Leclerc then arrested Toussaint and deported him to France

Haitian Revolution Ends and the last of the French troops fled due to weapons and disease and surrendered to the indigenous army in November 1803.


Toussaint joins the French because the Jacobins voted for "equality" amongst the French colonies (which included Haiti) So he agreed to help them fight against the British and Spanish.


Toussaint controls all of Saint Domingue

Cont. of 1803:Toussaint was imprisoned in Fort de Joux and died on April 7th, 1803.

When Napoleon Bonaparte came to power in France he wanted to return the Caribbean colonies to plantation profits. However that didn't go as planned because the French troops soon died or fled.


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