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January 11, 2015 "theguardian"Aid, Cholera, and Protest: Life in Haiti, 5yrs after the EarthquakeHousing projects have helped the homeless the 2010 earthquake, but current cholera and political protests frustrate many Haitians. Particularly Michel Martelly's administration, demonstrations turned violent due to citizens unhappiness of the current corrupt government. Cholera epidemic adding onto the tension, leads as to where it came from have pointed to visting UN Nepal peacekeepers from their home counrty, and had spread through the waterways.

Fast Facts 1. 10.32 million/Roman Catholic, Protestant, and %4 other2. Haitian Creole, and French3. 63.06%, 1.34/1000 IMR4. 52.9% Literacy Rate


Map of Haiti!

Interesting Facts1. More than 10% of Haitian children die before the age of five.2. Jan. 2010, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit the epicentre of Haiti, southwest of Port-au-Prince, devasting it and surrounding regions.

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"Must See" PlacesIn Haiti, there are several beautiful carribean sites to explore and see. One of which is Labadee Island, with a breathtaking view any time of the day. Or maybe visit Barbancourt Rum Distillery-one of the best tasting rums are made in this carribean island. And last but not least, Lake Entang Saumatre, famous for it's flamigos, water buffalos, and crocodiles.

Pressing Problems- In Haiti, high crime rates in various parts of the country have become constant and rising, mainly due to the issue of ongoing political tension which caused the civil unrest. A cholera epidemic has broke out into Haiti killing more than 8,ooo. Relief efforts from 2010 earthquake are still taking place today, and more than half the population living in extreme poverty(62%), particularly those who live in rural areas/communities. Theres is also multidimensional inequality in the country.

ClimateHaiti has a warm, humid tropcal climate. Tempature can be modified by elevation. Tempatures can range from high 70's (F) in Jan. & Feb. To mid 80's (F) in July & Aug. In the winter, frost can occur at high elevations.

Lake Etang Saumatre

Safe? There is no natonwide advisory, but excercise high caution due to high crime & political tension in various parts.



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