Haiti US Imperialism

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Haiti US Imperialism

Port-au-Prince as the first Caribbean city with automatic dialing phone service2% of land owned by American sources

Dissolution of the Haitian Army, replaced it with Gendarmerie d’Haiti.About seven presidents were overthrown and assassinated in Haiti, people were fearing foreign intervention

New educational system focused on vocational trainingRe-emergence of racism and discrimination against all HaitiansBoth sides formed exclusive clubs

1,700 km of roads made usable 189 bridges builtIrrigation canals rehabilitatedDrinking water in main cities

Haitian-American Treaty: A treaty that allows America to rule over Haiti for 10 years period. Allowing America to veto any decisions made by the Haitian Government.

The First Caco War: A group of Cacos tried to protect Fort Riviere from Americans, but failed miserably. The Second Caco War: Led by Charlemagne Péralte to take control of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince

Peasants worked hard due to Corvee law exploit, akin to slaveryAll resistance put down by US soldiers



The U.S. occupation of Haiti began in 1915, and was authroized by President Woodrow Wilson. The occupation improved Haiti's infrastructures by a huge degree, but impacted the culture rather detrimentally.

The place was politically chaotic, leading to 7 presidents being assassinated over 19 years. After two decades, Franklin D. Roosevelt finally ended the occupation of Haiti


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