Hail Storm

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Hail Storm

How do scientists predict hail storms? Scientists predict hailstorms through weather radars and forecasts for the next 24 hours. There is not really a significant way to measure hailstorms. Hopefully, someone will event one soon.

Intresting FactsSome interesting facts on hailstorms are 1)Hail causes $1 billion in damage every year to property and crops2) The biggest hailstone (it melted a little) measured 8.0in in diameter, it weighed nearly 2 pounds and 18.62in in circumference.

How does hail form? Hail forms when thunderstorm winds are strong enough to carry raindrops above the freezing ‘level’. The cold freezes the raindrops and it forms a hailstone, which grows as water freezes onto it. Eventually, it becomes too heavy and falls.

Hailstorms by Brynna W

What should I have in a Hail Storm Disaster Kit?Good items for a hailstorm disaster kit are 1) A three day supply of food and water for everyone in your family. 2) A first aid kit and supplies. 3) A radio. 4) A flashlight and extra batteries. 5) And a cloth for your eyes.

(Above)Hail Storm in Oklahoma Cityon May 16th 2010

Hail Storm Definition A hail storm is when a storm starts out like a thunderstorm but hail ends up coming from it instead of rain. The actual definition is “A storm during which hail falls.”

(Above) Large Hail Stone

(Above) Hail Hitting Cars

Where does Hail Fall most often?The place hail falls most often is known as the “hail alley”. Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming make up the hail alley. It’s also very common in Australia.

(Above) Hail Damage

(Above)Some Hail in Someone's Hand

(Above) Rainbow after a Hail Storm

(Below) Hail Stones and a Baseball

How do scientists measure hail storms?Scientists measure hailstorms on a risk basis. Low risk means not a very high risk of hail (usually warm temperatures and not very strong winds). Moderate risk means that there is a medium risk of hail that day (cooler air, more insatiability, and low moisture levels). Finally, High risk means that a hail storm is on its way (dangerous storms and widespread of weather coverage)!

How do we be safe during hail storms?Some safety precautions to take during a hailstorm is 1) Stay inside until the hail stops and stay away from windows. 2) If in a car stop driving immediately and look for a nearby “safe-place” such as a garage or under a highway pass. If no such thing is in sight then stay low and away from windows and cover your eyes with a cloth. 3) Make sure you know were all your family members are.

What dangers come from hail storms?Some dangers that can come from hail storms are black outs, vehicles and aircrafts damaged, and injuries to humans and animals. It is highly recommended to stay inside and away from windows. You’ll also want to bring your pet(s) inside as well.

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