Haiku and Tanka 4/2020 BH

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Haiku and Tanka 4/2020 BH


A haiku has a definite pattern of being 3 lines.Line #1 - 5 syllablesLine #2 - 7 syllablesLine #3 - 5 syllablesMatsuo Basho (1644-1694) was considered the greatest haiku poet.

Haiku and Tanka



A tanka has the definite pattern of the haiku, and has  2 additional lines.  Line #1 - 5 syllablesLine #2 - 7 syllablesLine #3 - 5 syllablesLine #4 - 7 syllablesLine #5 - 7 syllablesConsider it as a continuation of the story that the haiku was telling.



An old silent pond...A frog jumps into the pond,splash!Silence again.

Autumn moonlight-A worm digs silentlyinto the chestnut

-Remember all poetry does not rhyme-Syllables are when you sound out a word (when you were little you clapped them out)-Notice haikus and tankas tell short storiesHaiku:-Japanese in origin.  Snippets of time, imagery in language and a sense of enlightenment were used to preserve the form.  T!he writings were used to capture moments of enlightenment.  You would call the 'ah ha' moments!

Assignment:Write either a haiku or a tanka that tells a story.  It does not have to rhyme, but it does have the correct scheme.  This means it has to follow the 5-7-5 or 5-7-5-7-7 line frame.  The topic is of your choosing.



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