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Hadrian was born in what is now Spain, he was born in the 24 AD of january. When Hadrian was 10 yrs old his father died, he then jointed with Trajan, his fathers cousin. Hadrian enjoyed going hunting and other civilian civilization. Trajan did not like that he didnt want to be part of the millitary so Trajan decided to keep him closer to keep an eye on him. He then started his new career path, he became judge in an inheratance court in Rome. As so he Successed as a military officer in the second Legion 'Adiutrix', and then in the fifth legion 'Macedonia' on the Danube. Hadrian ended up marrying Vibia Sabina in 100AD


117 A.C.E - becomes emporer118 A.C.E - becomes roman councel122 A.C.E - The Hadrian Wall124 A.C.E - rebuilds the Olympeion in Athens125 A.C.E - He rebuilt the Patheon 130 A.C.E - He founded the city of Antinopolis in memory of Antinous131 A.C.E - Builds the city of Aelia Capitolina near JerusulemJuly 10 138 A.CE - Death of Hadrian because of heart failure

Hadrian then went to Lower Pannonia as governor.Hadrian became praetor in 107, in which position, with a healthy gift from Trajan, Hadrian put on games.He then went with Trajan to the Dacian Wars. then became curator of the Acts of the Senate.

Lasting Impact

The Hadrian Wall Hdrian Wall became the border of England and Scottland to seperate the Romans from the Barbarians

Intresting Facts

Original name Publius Aelius Hadrianus Father Name: Publius Aelius Hadrianus AferMothers Name: Domitia Paulina

Greatest Leader Hadrian



The Hadrian Wall


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