[2014] Christian Velasco (Class of 2016): Hadrian

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[2014] Christian Velasco (Class of 2016): Hadrian

Where he was born he was well educated in Italica Hispania (Modern Day Sevelle.) At age 14 he left for Rome. He was living with his Uncle Emperor Trajan. After Trajan died his wife Plotina signed papers saying they adopted Hadrian. He wanted to do it because he wanted Hadrian to be his sucessor. He founded Hadrianopolis. End of Domitian reign became a military tribune. After that he became the curator at Acts of the Senate. Also he went with Trajan to the Dacian Wars. he went to Lower Pannoia to become governor. He gave large sums of money to the community or individuals. One law was the if a master died any nearby slaves could be punished for evidence. Restored many building like Pathenon. When he was dying from ill he refused heat and cold packs. He wanted people to help him commit suicide. Some bad points in his life were possible murders in early life and didn't want Senate granting him awards.


76 - Born86 - Father Died101 - Became Quaestor105 - Tribune of Plebeains 107 - Praetor108 - Became consul117 - Started his rule138 - Ended his rule

He built his famous wall. The wall was built to keep the Northern Barbarians out. It took 14 years to build his wall. The wall was built from Tyne to Solway. It was 73 miles long He was one of the five good emperors. He was the third god emperor. The five good emperors were Emperor Nerva, Emperor Trajan, Emperor Hadrian, Emperor Antoninius, and Emperor Marcus Aurelis.

Lasting Impact

Hadrian had a good impact he had good archietecture skills. Founded a city named Anntinous for his lost love. So they made him a god. Some say he commited suicide and say he did it for a sacrifice for the imperator.



Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus



Hadrian's Wall Video


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