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Names/FormsGreek- HadesRoman-Pluto, Dis Pater, OrcusOther-Silent One, Rich OneForms-God, Devil, Any person, Shadow

Hades's parents are Cronos and Rhea. He is the brother of Posiedon, Zeus, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. He controls all the riches in the world, controls the dead, can blend in with shadows, can choose who live and dies. His symbols/ objects are the Cerberus, Drinking Horn, scepter, Cypress, Narcissus, key, and the helm of darkness.

Hades and Zeus work out a deal so that Hades gets a wife and in this case Persephone goddess of spring. One day Persephone and Demeter were in the fields. Demeter left Persephone for a couple minutes. In that time Hades came up from the ground and snatch up Persephone, and took her to the underworld. Demeter rushed back and saw that her daughter was gone. Demeter searched all night with the help of Hecate goddess of crossroads, and Helios the god of the sun who sees all. Then Demeter with the help of Helios found out that Hades took her daughter, and ran after Zeus. She demanded Zeus for her daughter back, but Zeus said Hades needed a wife and Persephone was good. Demeter said there would be no crops until she gets her daughter back. This happened, and Zeus finally said to Hermes to get Persephone back. When Hermes came down there he saw that Persephone had eaten 6 pomegranate seeds which meant she had to come back to the underworld for 6 months. So when Persephone leaves Demeter lets crops die which explains the seasons.

This is how the Roman depicted Hades or in this case Pluto with the added black robe.

This is how the Greeks depicted Hades, with the cereberus a three headed dog that patrols the underworld. He also carries his scepter

This is a modern adaption of Hades in the Disney film Herucles.

This a cartoon/game adaption of Hades in the game God of War.

This is what Hades palace would looked like if it were real. This is what Greeks painted.


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