Hades mythology

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Hades mythology

Summary: He was the god of the underworld, riches, and son of cronos and rhea. He was swallowed by Cronos when he was first born, and later vomited up by him when zeus tricked Cronos into drinking a poisoned cup. He helped the gods defeat the titans and take over mount olympus. Him and his two brothers, poseidon, and zeus then divided the universe oming themselves. Hades pulled the shortest straw and was given the underworld. There he oversaw the dead and their burial rights. However, Hades got lonely and wanted a queen, he demanded zeus give him one.So zeus gave him Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. Demeter was angered by this and demanded that Persephone was given back, so Zeus compiled and made Hades giver back. However, while in the underworld Persephone ate 6 out of 12 seeds of a pomegranate and Zeus decided Persephone would live in the underworld for half of the year, every year, and spend the other half on earth. And so the seasons were created

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Hades with his two brothers, Poseidon and Zeus

Hades was odten pictured with his three headed dog Cerberus

A pot that depicts Hades and persephones

A statue of hades chest and head

His Greek name was Hades, and his Roman name was Pluto

His symbols were Cerberus, Drinking horn, scepter, Cypress, Narcissus, key, his weapon was a pitch fork, and he was often pictured with his three headed dog cerberus, and he had only one form, Hades

Hades stole Persephone from her garden


Video about the mythology of Hades

Slogan: Ayy fam you want some pomegranates?


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