Hades, Greek God

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Hades, Greek God

Have you ever thought someone was evil when there really not...So lets get down into deep Greek mythogly .So years ago a greek god named hades.Hades is known for the best ruler of the underworld.Hes aslo called the god of the wealth "the rich one".He Possesed rich metals of the earth.Hades sat on a throne in the underworld.hades was a strong ruler he never toke no for an answer.as i know hades wasnt evil he was actully allurstic and passive bringing balence hes only harsh when someone trys to leave the underworld or trys cheats on the death.He just got unlucky.


He is actually altruistic and passive, bringing balance to the human world. He’s only harsh when souls try to leave the underworld or people try to cheat death.

Hades the greek God

Story of Hades...

By: Haley and Gianna

Facts...Hades is popilar for the movie he was in hercules


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