Habitats of Georgia

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Habitats of Georgia

This is where we live!

Habitats of Georgia

PiedmontClick HERE to learn more about PiedmontPiedmont is located in between Georgia's Mountains and Coastal Plains. The word Piedmont means "foot hills". It is called that because the Peidmont region is very hilly and vast. It is also warmer than it is in the mountains, and less wet than in the Coastal Plains. The soil here is weathered and nutrient poor, so it is not the best place for growing. The Piedmont area has a great diversity of plants and animals that live here as well. The Piedmont habitat is where we live!

Coastal PlainsClick HERE to learn more about the Coastal Plains.The Coastal Plains take up the southeastern portion of Georgia. The coastline in the Coastal Plains is what seperates the plains from the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia's coastal plain is a low flat region of sandy, well drained, gently rolling hills and poorly drained flatlands.

Marsh/Swamp Click HERE to learn more about the SwampLocated in the Georgia Coastal Plains region, Our regional marsh/swamp area homes the famous Okefenokee Swamp. It is the largest swamp in North America. It's name means "Land of the Trembling Earth". The swamp/marsh area are made of a combination of peat, water, and has a variety of plants and animals that live there

MountainsClick HERE to learn more about the Mountains.Our Georgia mountains are located in Northern Georgia at the base of the Apalachie Mountains. They are smaller and more rounded due to erosion. These mountains were formed over a billion years ago and have many similar trees and plants like those in Piedmont!The highest mountain in Brasstown Bald. It rises over 4,784 feet above sea level! The Georgia Mountain's habitat also includes the Cumberland Plateau and the Blue Ridge and Valley.

There are 5 habitats in Georgia, -Mountains -Marsh/Swamp -Coastal Plains -Piedmont -Atlantic Ocean

Click HERE to learn more about each HabitatClick HERE to play a fun game with our habitats

Atlantic Ocean Click HERE to learn more about the Atlantic oceanThe Atlantic Ocean is found in the southeastern part of Georgia and is seperated from the Coastal Plains by the coast line. The Atlantic Ocean is the largest body of water in the world and is made up of salt water. It has a live sandy bottom. It is warmer than other bodies of water.

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