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Animal HabitatsGlogster -SmartboardAssignmentCriteria

3. Select two animals and one plant that live in that habitat and describe the adaptations they have to survive there.

5. Write a three to five sentence paragraph telling about the features of the habitat you chose.

2. You need to have a title that has the name of your habitat on it.

4. Import images of each of the animals and place on your glogster poster. Input the text about the animals and their adaptations below the pictures.

1. Choose a habitat to research and find images from google images on that specific habitat to import to your glogster poster.

6. Make sure your poster is interesting to look at and detailed.

7. Include your name on your poster.

Created by Ms. Laidlaw

Tips:Don't forget to save your poster using your name and habitat name.ie. jefftundra


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