H2OPlus Photos Workshop sessions

by tcjordao
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H2OPlus Photos Workshop sessions

Preparatory initiatives for the creation of a Czech-Norwegian Network for Capacity Building in Integrated Water Resources ManagementSupported by the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level (EEA ' Norway Grants)

Gallery of photos workshop sessions

Initiative 2: a networking research platform on water resources policy and management

Initiative 1: an international workshop on water resources policy and management

Dr. Wenting ChenNorwegian Water Research Institute

Dr. Sindre LangaasNorwegian Water Research Institute

Prof. Harsha RatnaweeraNorwegian University of Life Sciences

Mgr. Petr FerbarPovodi Labe

Assoc. Prof. Petr SauerUniversity of Economics, Prague

Prof. Petr FialaUniversity of Economics, Prague

More photos at: www.h2oplus.crusus.org



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