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H2OPlus highlights

Preparatory initiatives for the creation of a Czech-Norwegian Network for Capacity Building in Integrated Water Resources ManagementSupported by the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level (EEA ' Norway Grants)

Main goal: Together these initiatives aim at facilitating a consistent and fruitful cooperation between Czech and Norwegian experts, institutions and municipalities towards a more effective river basin and watershed management in the Czech Republic within the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive.

Initiative 1: an international workshop on water resources policy and management

Initiative 2: a networking research platform on water resources policy and management

Participants:The workshop was attended by experts from Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Water Research Institute (NIVA), the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), by experts from the Czech Republic (University of Economics, Prague, CENIA, and Povodi Labe), and experts from Brazil and from Mexico, and students of postgraduate programs, including students of foreign universities in the framework of exchange programs such as Erasmus and others. There were also members of environmental NGOs such as Ekocentrum Paleta and Liga energetických alternativ), and from the private sector (agricultural holdings).

Key speakers Dr. Sindre Langaas - NIVA, NorwayDr. Wenting Chen - NIVA, NorwayProf. Harsha Ratnaweera - NMBU, NorwayPetr Fiala and Petr Šauer - University of Economics, PragueLuděk Rederer and Petr Ferbar - Povodí LabeJan Prášek - CENIA


Key topics addressed:a) Review and assessment of river basin and watershed management strategies and approaches in Europe.b) An overview of the development and the current state of implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in river basins and watersheds.

The workshop was organized by the Institute for Sustainable Business at the faculty of international relations of the University of Economics, Prague. Held in UEP from 22. 10. to 24. 10. 2014 , involving a total of 62 persons.

A networking research platform was created to share publications and facilitate cooperation in future research related to water resources management. Accessed at: h2oplus.glasscubes.com



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