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H1N1 Glogster

H1N1 Glogster Assignment

Glogster Guidelines:1. Must have 2 links to news report -- with a summary of the report in your own words2. One link to a video -- with description What is the video about, why is the video relavant, why did you chose this video.3. One link to a map -- with description what is the map showing, why is the map relavant, why did you chose this map.4. 4 images with DETAILED descriptions

poster yourself

How to protect yourself

According to the CDC symptoms include:high fever, body aches, soar throat, runny nose, cough and nausea. These are very similiar to relgular flu symptoms but these can come on very quickly and last longer then a day or two.

How do you know if you have H1N1?

Where in the world?

H1N1's Historical Happenings

This is an interactive cluster map that tracks the Swine flu. The circles are color coded indicating a range of suspected cases to total fatalities. Every region on the map can be zoomed in for addtional information. Below the map are graphs showing daily reporting & fatalities. This is an excellent, up-to-date visual to find out how or if regions of the world are being affected by H1N1.

Wash hands frequently, wear masks around those who may be infected, drink plenty of fluidscough/sneeze in your arm, take vitamin C.

Addtional maps are included showingcases by status with relative size for number.. Confirmed cases by country. Confirmed cases by US county. I can use this to use comparison and get current information from any state in the U.S. or country in the world!


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