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H. H, Holmes

1861 - May 16, H. H. Holmes was born1886 - Dr. H H. Holmes came to work in Chicago1889 - Was building the Murder Castle1893 - The Hotel was finished just in time for the Chicago World's Fair (Columbian Exposition) 1893 - Joined in the insurance scheme with Benjamin Pitezel1894 - incarcerated for horse theft1894 - arrested for his insurance fraud1896 - Hung for the Pitezel murders1914 - the caretaker of the hotel died by suicide after being "haunted' since Holme's death

He came to Chicago as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, but later became known as H. H. Holmes. He went to work for a pharmacy and took it over to become the owner. With the money from the pharmacy, he built a giant hotel with specific modifications to help him with his killing. When the World's Fair came, he killed those who stayed at his grand hotel. Along wiht his fair victims he killed those who got involved with him. He was caught on the theft of a horse and insurance fraud. They found dead bodies when inspecting his hotel and while it is suspected he killed up to 200, he was only charged with one.

Herman Mudgett

The grand hotel was desinged specifically for the purpose of killing. With gas chambers, a dungeon basement, sound-proofed rooms, a labyrinth of hallways, and doors and staircases that led to nowhere, it's no wonder Holmes got away with killing so many. He would lock people in rooms to watch them starve, send people through trap doors if the started exploring, lock a person in his large vault so the would suufocate, all for his amusement. His castle had one purpose and it certainly fullfilled his desires to murder innocent lives.

Murder Castle

H. H. Holmes revolutionized the way the we viewed murderers. There had never been someone who killed so many people in such a thought out, well-planned way. His heinous crimes scarred not only the people of Cicago but also the generations after when they learned the way a human mind can be so twisted. He marked a new beginning in the way of murdering. Killers after him would look up to his achievements and he would becoma a sort of role model for them.

Historical Significance

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America's First Serial Killer


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H. H. Holmes


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