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NEWS- Too many Gypsies and Travellers end up in prison - Pope Francis defends Gypsies in Vatican- Romanian gypsy aims to earn £40,000 on benefits during just ONE YEAR in Britain

Gypsies Gypsies Gypsies Gypsies

Origin of gypsiesThe eleven million Roma living in Europe have the same origin: the north of India. After leaving India, the Roma arrived in Europe in the year 1400.The north of India is a large area that comprise the historic regions of Kashmir, Rajasthan and Punjab, which now shares with Pakistan. The problem is that the isolation between groups and castes make it very difficult to locate the ancestors of the Roma.

Gypsy way of lifeOver the centuries, gypsies tended to work at occupations that weren't negatively affected by frequent travel. Some of these jobs included metalworking, woodworking, carpentry and horse trading. Some others were animal trainers and showpeople, car dealers and repairmen, they make bricks, they hawk items like watches, jewelry, clothes... Others now work in the scrap metal business.

Gypsies are a race of nomads. For them, travelling is not a pastime it’s a way of life. They are now scattered across the globe and its members are citizens of the country they inhabit. Some cultural and social problems that today appear between gypsies have a deep relationship with the nomadic/sedentary contradiction.

Current troubles involving gypsies1. The Roma are hound in Hungaria by the far right wing. They don’t have any rights and they have a very tiny political representation.2. In Castellar, Jaén the fight between two gypsy families created a big conflict that affected some of the neighbours and forced a big part of the Roma community living in the town of 3,600 inhabitants to leave.3. The Mayor of Gilles Bourdouleix, France, was sentenced Tuesday to pay 3,000 € for claiming that Adolf Hitler hadn’t "killed enough Gypsies".4. The Irish Government apologises to two gypsy families for taking the custody of their children, a boy and a blond, blue-eyed girl, suspecting that they were not his childrens.5. Gypsy women rise up. One daughter of the last victim of gender violence raises political support for opening offices for equality.


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