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ORIGINS OF GYPSIESGypsies after a stay in the north of Persia, gypsies moved until Minor Asia, where they lay down for fourteen century. The politic instability provoked the first exodus, documented towards the west and the south; a village root of gypsies interned in Central Europe and other descended until the north of Africa. The entrance of gypsies in Europe is document from the first years of fifteen century.


Headlines on news-In Depth: the eight new potential Gypsy and Traveller sites under consideration in Dorset-Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association launched at Westminster-Nuneaton petition opposing gipsy pitches goes live online

History of


REACTIONS OF DEPORTATIONS After the first gypsies deported arrived, the president of Rumania, Traian Basescu, demanded a plain of integration at European level. In Rumania and Bulgaria alerting about possible xenophobic reactions and recorded that they cannot close their borders. The Rumanian minister of exteriors subjects, Teodor Baconschi, expressed their worry for a possible risk of a populist climb and xenophobic reactions.

Gypsy way of lifeAlso, as a matter of survival, the Romani were continuously on the move. They developed a reputation for a nomadic lifestyle and a highly insular culture. Because of their outsider status and migratory nature, few attended school and literacy was not widespread. Much of what is known about the culture comes through stories told by singers and oral histories.


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