[2015] JacobDixon: Gypsies in the Holocaust

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[2015] JacobDixon: Gypsies in the Holocaust

Gypsies in the Holocaust


German police collect around 2,000 Gypsies and killed them.


The left over(30,000) Gypsies in Germany were deported to Poland.


Authorities killed thousands of Gypsies along with others(Jews).



German authorities killed at least a couple thousand more Gypsies at Chelmno.

The gasses that were tried in April were used and killed an undetermined number of Gypsies.

ABOUT GYPSIES*The Nazis initially thought that the Roma(Gypsies) were 'racially inferior'(not as good as the Nazis themselves). Their fate was said to be completely opposite from those of the Jews. German authorities intended to deport them from the Greater German Reich sometimes later on, but ended up confining them in 'Gypsie Camps'(Zigeunerlager). These 'camps' sooner became long-term holding pens. Marzahn in Berlin and Lackenbach in Austria were known to be the worst of these camps. Resulting from the conditions there, hundreds of them died. Germans often complained that the camps needed to be closed(which meant the deportion of the Gypsies) to try and make the public safe via health and security wire. *The word Gypsies is a popular term used to refer to an ethnic minority whose members, in reality, belong to distinctive tribes.'(www.ushmm.org/who were Gypsies?)*In 1939, 30,000-35,000 Gypsies lived in Germany. They're thought to have started living in Europe from nothern India in the 1400s. They started being called Gypsies because Europeans believed they came from Egypt. Zigeuner was the German word for Gypsy. Gypsies could have been slaves and bought and sold by large estate holders until 1864. Many of them originally worked as craftsmen, such as blacksmiths, cobblers, tinkers, horse dealers, and toolmakers. Others could have been preformers like musicians, circus animal trainers, and dancers. In the 1920s, the lower-middle class worked as shopkeepers and some civil servants.

MILKWEED SUMMARYMilkweed is about a boy named Misha who is alone on the streets during the Holocaust at the beginning of the story he meets a boy named Uri who takes care of him. Then later in the story Misha meets a girl named Janina who he later lives with. Then they all move to the ghetto. Misha doesn’t see Uri for a long time and Misha is living with Janina and her father. They are clearing out the ghetto. Uri meets Misha and tells him not to go on the train. Misha doesn’t go on the train. He then goes to a farm too sleep the farmers force him to work for them. He is released off the farm when the war is over. Misha then gets a new name Jack Milgrom from the immigration officer. He moved to America got married but then got divorced. He now lives with his daughter that he didn’t know he had until she came and saw him at his job at a grocery store she also has a daughter. Gypsies connect with this book because Jack or Misha was a Gypsy in the Holocaust. I learned that Jews were not the only type of people in the Holocaust there were Gypsies.

DEPORTATIONSWhile the Ghettos(city districts that Jews and Gypsies were forced to live, with terrible conditions) were becoming a 'ghost town' , large numbers of Gypsies(along with Jews) were moved from a range of countries that were taken over by Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, and many more. To make these deports, help was needed from multiple people and all branches of the (German) government.

GYPSY CAMPSThe barracks that the Gypsies lived in had 500 too many people. They were so overcrowded that especially children died from diseases. This guy named Walter had to remove the dead bodies from their bunks and bring them outside the block so they could burn them. Each corpse had to have its own death certificates. Walter and the other Gypsies could still smell the burning bodies every day. The Gypsies were not safe in the Gypsy camps, especially if they had some kind of disease. The week after Walter arived, 1,700 Gypsies were gassed when they came down with Typhus(any of several similar diseases caused by Rickettsia bacteria.) In May, another block of 1,035 Gypsies got gassed after they got Typhoid(fever is a life-threatening illness caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi.). Walter and the other men in his barracks had planned to attack if the S.S ever came to his block to take them off to the gas chambers, but the S.S never ended up coming. In May 1944,there was only about 6,000 Gypsies left in the Gypsy Camps. By that point, the commanders decided it was fine to end the camps. On May 25th, 1,500 Gypsies got transfered to other camps. On August 12th, everyone in the camps were told they were getting transfered to a better place. By August 3rd, nobody was in the camp anymore, it was totally empty.

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WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GYPSIESGypsies where put into polish ghettos. Ghettos are a part of a city that is sectioned of too a certain group like in the holocaust the Jews and gypsies. They were also treated somewhat like the Jews but a little better. On December 16 1942 Henrich Himmler (a high Nazi power) ordered all Jews to death camps. Sometimes unlike Jews they were allowed to live in family groups. But eventually most of them went into gas chambers. Gas chambers are airtight rooms that you can put poisonous gases in to execute people.



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