Gymnázium Děečín - KIOSK

by zuzanaspryslova
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Gymnázium Děečín - KIOSK

School kiosk

You know it definitely.You are at school and you have got hunger.So you go there and buy some food.There is a lot of food and drinks.And very often is there a queue.I think you know it.You are reading about school kiosk or canteen.

In our school you can find also a kiosk. Many students, and teachers too, buy a snack here .We have a lot of food to choose from-sandwiches, bagguetes, donuts, hot dogs but we can buy here also warm pizza or toast with cheese. But there are also drinks which are in a cooling box, so in hot days the cold drinks are good and refreshing.The negative side is that the food sold there is not very healthy.

In our school kiosk you can pay in czech crowns. zloty is aproximately 7 czech crowns and turkish lira is 9 crowns



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