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Womens meets contains four different events: vault, uneven bars, balance bean, and floor exercise.

Gabby Douglas -1995 an American gymnast, was star of 2012 summer Olympic games in london. doulglas won gold medals in both the individual all around and team events. she became the first afican american in the olympics.

Famous Athletes

floor exercise- parallel bars-two bars that the gymnasts perform hanstands ,swings, twists and other movements still rings-susports his body many strength position must be held for 2 seconds balance beam horizontal bars-the gymnast cotinouly swings,and turns and he must release the bar and regrasp it.vault-the gymnast runs and jumps up and forward from a springboard, putting his hands on the table for support before flipping pommel horse


Women in Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport that tests a person's flexability, balance, and strength. It was created in Ancient Greece but died off. In the early 19th century Friedrich Ludwig Jahn and Per Henrik helped gymnastics start again.

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The men participate in mens meet contains 6 events floor excrise, pommel horse, still ring,vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.

Men in Gymnastics


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