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Different Apparatuses


Benifits of Doing Gymnastics


Skills you Need to Have

• Beam is only used by woman and is a square pole that is placed horizontally a few meters above ground level and we balance on it.•Bar is where you swing on the bar and go from high to low bar. It is only used by woman. At the end you swing off and do a flip then land.• Floor is used by woman and men that create a routine up to music. They do flips and tricks and dance moves. It is tricky because you need to be in time to the music. •Vault is where you have a run up and jump onto a spring board then put your hands on the vault and flip off then land•Rings is only used be males, to be able to do all of the required you need a strong upper body strength.•Trampoline is where you jump on a thin layer of mesh connected to springs witch make you bounce up so you can do flips in the air.

•Flexibility•Strength in upper body•Balance•Co-ordination

Gymnastics offers many physical, emotional and intellectual advantages, which benefit growing children. Through the progressive development of skills, young people learn dedication and the value of perseverance. Gym activities promote strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and are an excellent grounding for many other sports.

•For beam you need a beam and a thick mats for landing.•For bar you need a bar, chalk to put on your hands and a thick mats for landing.•For floor you need lots of thin roll out mats for doing routines on them.•For vault you need a vault and one thin big roll out mat to fun on.•For rings you need ring and a thick mat to land on it.•For trampolining you need a trampoline and thick mats for jumping off.

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This is someone that is doing a walkover on beam

This is a floor routine that has a triple front flip

This is a trick on bar that is verry hard to do!


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