Gym Candy: Mick Johnson

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Gym Candy: Mick Johnson

This broken mirror relates to the change Mick goes through when he finds out his father was lying to him. He used to hold great respect and admiration for him; but now he thinks less of him. This broken mirror shows that the admirable image of his father is now shattered.

Steroid Sam Poem

-Steroid Sam was a big strong guy. Big bulging muscles, everyone wondered why?-He was great at every sport he played, hit the baseball far, and many touchdowns made. -He was number one for a year or two. There was hardly anything he couldn’t do. -Then Steroid Sam began to change.First his behavior became very strange. -He became aggressive, and very mean. His group of friends soon became very lean. -Then he developed bad acne all over the place, his arms, back, plus his face. -Soon a bald spot appeared upon his head, while thick hair grew on his back and arms instead.-His face and legs began to swell, and his breasts became bigger than I dare to tell. -His eyes turned yellow, his liver was sick. Bad things were happening mighty quick.-His blood pressure rose, his testicles shrunk,Steroid Sam was feeling pretty punk.-Finally when his heart turned bad, it’s rhythm turned strange for this poor lad. -Now Sam is gone I’m sad to say. It really didn’t have to end that way.-Now everyone knows that steroids made Steroid Sam big and strong, but to take steroids is very wrong.-The steroid path is a dangerous way. Good nutrition, healthy attitude, and training are much better any day..

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Dear Mick,I don't play football or anything like that; but I do play the piano. I have been playing for around 4 years now; and I hope to become the best pianist in the world. But I just recently met this one guy who is two years younger than me, however he plays so much better. He has only taken piano for about 3 years. My teachers are often talking about him and how great he is. I now start to question my dreams and goals. What should I do? Help!Troubled Pianist

This poem relates to the change Mick goes through when Drew tells Mick that he will speak to Coach Carlson about Mick's usage of steroids. Mick then threatens to murder Drew if he dares tell Carlson. This poem relates to the effects steroids has inflicted upon Mick.

Dear Drew, I am so sorry for the way I have treated you this whole time. I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. During the Russ Diver incident when I was pushing the poor fellow up against the locker just because he accidently knocked my backpack over, you were there to save me. If you hadn't stopped me, I would've already been kicked off the football team. Even after that event, you chose to stay by me and support me. Thank you .

I deeply apologize for the time when I threatend to shoot you when you figured out on was on drugs. I prioritized those stupid steroids over our friendship. You still chose to keep me as a friend even knowing that I was taking drugs. Thank you. Though it may be useless to say this now, but I'd really like to make amends with you. The steroids drove me insane. I only thought about myself and being the best. But I didn't realize that I was hurting the people I was supposed to love the most in the proccess. I hope that you can forgive me. Your apologetic friend,Mick Johnson

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Gym Candy: Mick Johnson

Dear Troubled Pianist ,I completely understand how you feel. I was also humiliated by this one player name Kane. He was also two years younger than me, but he was a better player. It furiated me. But you know what, you should use this to your advantage. For example, I had this one teammate named Drager. He was pretty good, and at times I would be frustrated. But instead of whining about my weaknesses, I used Drager as a goal. I told myself,"Let's work harder so that we can beat him". Make this piano rival of yours a propelling force instead of an anchor. Also don't continue to compare yourself to others. You are you. Know that if you do your best that is what truly matters. Hope this helps! Mick Johnson


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