Gweneth and Sydney #2

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Earth Sciences

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Gweneth and  Sydney #2

If you ever get hit by a blizzard here are 2 safty tips during a blizzard and before a blizzard you have to do and follow. BEFORE a blizzard;#1. ALWAYS tell someone where you are going if you REALLY have to go outside. #2. Bring a flahlight and an battery-opperated radio!DURING, a blizzard #1.You should stay inside at ALL times,but dress warmly EVEN if you are inside the house. #2. If you have to go outside were at least 30 layers of clothe.

A tornado is a violent rotating column air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground

This picture is about a country out in the east having a tonadoe, a really big one!

A blizzard is a snowstorm that has verynstrong winds and intense snowfalls.

A blizzard hit in Fredrick,Maryland

This is1 picture of a tonadoes.It is a picture of multiple tonadoes in the same plae happening at once!




This is a picture of a flood in

This is a picture of a flood in New York City.



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