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The Tech I Use in My Classes-John Golden

PreziA non-linear online presentation tool.I've used it for my presentations for students and encouraged its use for student presentations.

Class project (blogpost)

One of my prezis


another studentexample

Power User example


Capturing demonstrations(blogpost)

*Give quick info and resources to students.*Get quick assessment of student teachers.*Offer possibility of a lasting community for student teachers.

Winter 11 Math TAs tweets

Me: @mathhombre

BLOGMy primary means of dissemination, making content available to students for after the course is done, and journaling/reflecting for my own growth.

My blog

TA blogs from Winter 11


Google Docs

Allows collaboration in or out of class, like this mini project where 37 students contributed to stories of the math they saw on Spring Break.

Longer lasting content, easier to control editors while sharing broadly, more of a website feel.

Techie Tools

poster yourself

Scribd - document sharing and embedding.

Dropbox - file sharing, back up. Great for professional collaboration.

Wolfram|Alpha - free computation engine online or app. Powerful and amazing.

Geogebra - free dynamic visualization program for algebra and geometry.

Bit.ly - link shortening and bundling

Jing - free screen capture and video tool

Diigo - link and resource sharing

Link for this poster:bit.ly/gvtech11

Google Reader - easily manages 100s of blogs and RSS feeds.


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