Gupta Empire Golden Age

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Gupta Empire Golden Age

Gupta Empire Golden Age

Gupta UniversitiesThe Guptas built colleges and universities. Hindu universities provided upper class with religious training. The Buddhist school at Nalanda had eight colleges, three libraries, a hospital, and a monastery.

Gupta LiteratureThis picture shows a sacred text, sacred texts have been passed down orally for generations.Gupta writers wrote poetry, fables, palys, & folktales. Scholars and lawyers wrote about Hindu law a religion.

Gupta PaintingsThe Gupta Empire is famous for its beautiful paintings. Paintings were often done on scrolls. Many paintings are images of kings, queens, musicians, & dancers

Gupta SculpturesSculptures like the river deity, Ganga, and Buddha were typical of Gupta. Many of the statues portrayed Buddha or Hindu deities, like in the picture above.

Gupta RoadsThe roads were designed for safety and comfort. Roads were built a few feet off the ground to prevent flooding. Roads even connected India to China and the lands east of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gupta MetalwokGupta Kings controlled huge mines of gold, copper, and iron. Metalwokers made gold and copper coins, like the one shown above. They also made an iron pillar called Meharauli, which was 25 feet tall and 13,000 pounds. After 1,600 years the pillar is still almost rust-free.

Gupta MathematicsMathmagicians used the decimal system to write numbers. They also made a way of writing whole number with using the numerals 1-9. Hindu mathmagicians the the first to treat 0 as a number. They use mathematics to created complex structures, like the on in the picture.


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