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Guns N Roses

Steve Sutphin


The song is about all of the issues that weren't often spoke about covering the topic of L.A., being most only saw the "bright side" of it, which Axl refrences when he says "you can taste the bright lights but you won't get them for free".

Guns N Roses created the song while hitchhiking from gig to gig. Legend has it that when Axl, the lead singer, first came to L.A. by hitchhiking a truck driver dropped him off and said "Welcome to the Jungle."

The song was influenced by the bands own experiences. At the time the band had been living together in a one-room apartment, which was filled with drugs, women, and often times strangers who were there just to get a fix. The band understood very well the pain of being driven to poverty due to their addictions, saying in the song "We are the people that can findWhatever you may needIf you got the money, honeyWe got your disease".


The songs first debut in 1987 was a very big turning point in the bands success and also American social culture. The song helped people to realize the true horrors of L.A., such as drug use, police brutality, riots, and other such social issues. The reason I picked the song is because I like the sound and musical talent of the song and I find the meaning behind it interesting too.

Guns N Roses, a popular hair metal band from the 80s, wrote the song Welcome to the Jungle to describe the dark and truthful lifestyle of L.A.

Guns N Roses - Welcome to the jungle


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