[2014] lfatula: Guns n' Roses

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[2014] lfatula: Guns n' Roses

BiographyThe band was made up of 7 members who all had different lifestyles. The lead singer, Axl Rose, claims to be arrested more than 20 times and has spent over 3 months in jail. They were all misfits that came together in Los Angeles in the 80's, and from then on they were known as Guns n' Roses. The name was coined in 1985 when Tracii Guns (of L.A Guns) joined Rose and Stradlin's band, Hollywood Rose. After Guns left, they were joined by Slash, Adler, and finally, McKagan.

Discography*Apetite for Destruction - 1987*GN'R Lies - 1988*Use Your Illusion 1 - 1991*Use Your Illusion 2 - 1991*The Spaghetti Incident? - 1993*Live Era '87-'93 - 1999*Greatest Hits - 2004*Chinese Democracy - 2008

FACTSBest Selling Album - Appetite for DestructionBest Selling Song - Sweet Child O' MineNovember Rain and Welcome to the Jungle wasn't far behind.The "November Rain" video reportedly cost over $1.5 million (a cost apparently footed by the band themselves). $8,000 of that apparently went to Stephanie Seymour's custom-made coffin.As of 2007 the band have sold over 90 million albums worldwideGuns N Roses are #9 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artist of Hard Rock.Known as the "Bad boys" of the 80'sSweet Child O' Mine was written in 5 minutes

Where They are NowIn 1994 the band took a hiatus that led to a breakup. Drummer, Steven Adler was fired in the summer of 1990 for drug related problems. By 1997, the only remaining member of the band was Axl Rose. Most of the other members have created solo projects, for example, Slash played guitar in the halftime show of the 2011 superbowl. Overall, the band suffered creative conflict, drug issues, and legal complications which led to the ending of Guns n' Roses.


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